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The 21-Day "Flat Belly" Formula Starts October 1st, 2019

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Are you tired of wearing big shirts to hide your stomach?

Are your favorite pair of jeans fitting too tight around your waist?

Imagine how it would feel to lose 2-4 inches around your waist and hips in only 3 weeks!

This AMAZING belly fat reduction program is NOT another one of those “get skinny fast” gimmicks or a starvation diets.

Just so you know, I'm totally against starvation diets.

It is a tested and proven system that I discovered while working with a few motivated clients over the past few months for reducing body fat, especially in the stomach and waistline WITHOUT boring crunches or sit-ups (which can be hard on your back). 

How my 21-Day "Flat Belly" Formula Formula Works

In this proven fitness and nutrition formula, I will personally guide you through the vital components required for success most personal trainers and other weight loss programs fail to address. 

Allow me explain... 

I'm going to provide you with a complete done-for-you 21-Day meal plan with delicious recipes to help you increase your metabolism and burn stubborn belly fat.

This is NOT a diet, it's actually a decent amount of calories modified in two phases for 21 days.

All you have to do is read it and eat it.

It's really that simple...

In fact, it's designed by a registered dietician. There are:

  • NO counting calories or carbs. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  • NO special "diet" foods. You can still eat what you want and still lose fat and inches. The key is nutritional balance. Which, I’ll teach you.

  • NO starving to lose weight and no more “yo-yo” dieting. I’ll show you exactly how to lose weight and keep it off FOR GOOD!

I'm even going to include an easy grocery shopping list to help make getting started easy for you and I'll tell you which foods to avoid to lose stubborn belly fat - and which foods to eat to fire up your fat-burning furnace.

To participate in this program, you'll be to workout with me 3 times per week in a small group setting during the entire 21-Day program where you will BURN 800 - 1,000 calories per workout and lose up to 10-12 pounds of stubborn fat in just 3 weeks!

The results are GUARANTEED and you will look and feel AMAZING!

Here's what one of my recent clients had to say about my 21-Day Detox:

Daniela 3 week before and after.JPG

"Being a mother to a two year old toddler had me really tired all the time with little energy and low motivation to take care of myself, until I decided to give Joe’s Boot Camp a try.

Best decision I have made! Ive been in his boot camp a month and completed the detox program and have lost 10 pounds and can definitely see results. My arms and legs more toned & getting definition. I’m learning how to eat healthier with the diet Joe provided me, and when combined with work outs makes me feel full of energy.

I used to suffer from body aches, sleep issues, eating disorder and all of that is gone since this positive change. I am now obsessed with fitness and want more and more because of the great program as well as an amazing coach Joe is. Joe is very professional, dedicated and will help you reach your goal."

Why My 21-Day "Flat Belly" Formula Works so well.

The SECRET to my "Flat-Belly" Formula are FUN and INTENSE workouts (they are different every day) and a cutting-edge nutritional cleansing system proven to deliver the waist slimming results you deserve!

I know it sounds too good to be true. It isn’t and I’ll prove it.

My 21-Day "Flat Belly" Formula will work for you too, regardless if you tried everything else before and failed.

In fact, I stand behind my 21-Day RFL program with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Here's the best part...

Even though we’re going to tone your entire body and burn belly fat, you're not going to do boring cardio or boring ab exercises.

Imagine a sexy midsection and flat belly without doing endless, boring cardio and boring ab exercises that can be hard on your back. 

At the end of the 21 days, you'll lose up to 12 pounds of body fat (or more) and have a flatter, more defined core and midsection!  

In fact, you'll most likely drop a dress size (or two)!


I'm going to personally show you exactly how many inches and pounds of body fat you've lost at the end of the program with a detailed personalized goal report at the end of your program!

Since this is going to be a new beta group for “non-clients”, it's only $129 for the ENTIRE program!

Because this price is such a good value, it will most likely sell out fast, so don't wait too long and miss out on the results you deserve! 

But, there’s one small catch to all this…

Because there is a strict limit on the number of spots available for this program, I’m only taking on the next 10 motivated ladies for this amazing results-driven program...

because I want to be sure that I can give you plenty of attention and accountability to get the fat-loss results that you want to achieve.

So, if you are serious about and want to burn fat fast and achieve a toned body and not afraid of a little hard work for just 21 days, then this will be life-changing for you.

Here's what others had to say about my 21-Day "Flat Belly" Formula: 

I started the 21 day challenge in March 2015 and it was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. After I got my job I stopped moving around so much and just sat at my dest for 10 1/2 hours a day. I ate to stay awake because I was bored and just started gaining a lot of weight.

Looking in the mirror was becoming a really depressing part of my day. I stopped clothes shopping because I refused to go up a pant size...and the pairs of my pants split right down the middle. 

I looked up so many places to try…weight watchers, planet fitness, anytime fitness, and weight loss apps. I was way too lazy to motivate myself to stick with anything. Then I found Women’s Bootcamp Fitness. I figured 21 days was long enough to see if I liked it and it was relatively inexpensive. Over the course of the 21 days I lost 8 pounds and I saw fat change into muscle. It was so much fun!

Two months after starting Joe's classes, I had a PT test for the reserves. I wasn't doing any other workouts except for his boot camp classes and I was attending 3 x a week. I was able to increase my PT score by 30 points! 

I was worried at first because I wasn't really running to prepare for the run portion, but I ended up dropping 1:30 off my run.

It's such a fun class and the women who go there are so nice and motivating. Joe knows everyone's name and he never lets you feel like he forgot that you were there. If you have an injury or something that makes you wonder if you won't be able to do the workouts, he does provide alternate exercises. He's really great at working with individual people within the group.

— Theresa Leal,
Colorado Springs, CO.


— Whitney Lambert, Colorado Springs

"I just met my original 15 lbs weight loss goal and now I am addicted! 

That's 15 lbs in 10 sessions. I am doing cardio 4 other days a week and watching calories, but I did not get the results until I started boot camp. Toning, sculpting and weight loss...awesome!

This mom of 3 is back in her pre-prego jeans...woot woot!

— Carmen McClanathan,
Colorado Springs, CO.


I started with Joe on the 21 day detox challenge with the ladies from work. The workouts are intense but fun! The ladies are so helpful and supportive each other and Joe is always there to help and give you that little extra push! I lost 10 lbs in 23 days and lost 11 inches total. I'm 43 and have battled with my weight all my life. I know with the support from Joe and the ladies he helps, I'll continue to see results! Thanks Joe!!

— Nedette Foster,
Colorado Springs, CO.


Tiffani Monreal,
Colorado Springs, CO.

5 stars.png

"I've never felt this amazing or motivated!"

I'm Christina and I'm 25. I've struggled with my fitness goals for as long as I can remember. I've joined many gyms, tried detoxes, counted calories, had trainers, tried countless classes and sadly I've given up on all of them and my goals multiple times. I had almost stopped trying because I was sick of letting myself down. I knew my main problem was my eating habits. I have the biggest sweet tooth and no self control.

This summer I realized I was sick of feeling constantly tired, unmotivated, depressed, self conscience, and grossed out with myself. I knew I had to find a program that would not only push me in my workouts but also in my diet. This year had been all about self improvement for me so I thought I'd give another shot at reaching my fitness and health goals. 

After moving down here I was looking online for places and I soon came across Joe's website! I saw his transformation page and I was so impressed and inspired! I wanted that to be me. I knew I found my place! I came to a trial class and loved the motivating atmosphere Joe had created. Everyone encourages each other and has so much fun together.  I look forward to going to work out everyday. Joe got me started on his 21 day challenge which at first I was nervous I would give up on and not finish just like everything else I've attempted. But I did it! I did not cheat once!

It made me feel incredible. It taught me the importance of proper nutrition and treating my body right. I'm sad how bad I treated my body before and I'm determined to never do that again. Joe is an incredible coach and has been super supportive and helpful through my whole journey! There's no way I could have stuck with this on my own.  

I have loved the results and more importantly how it has made me feel! It has made me a different person. I'm so much happier and positive, I have tons more energy, I'm more focused, way less stressed, my clothes are fitting better, I'm so much more confident. In just 21 days I lost 9 lbs, feel so much stronger, and lost 4.5 inches around my waist! I've never felt this amazing or motivated! I'm so excited to continue my fitness journey and reach my goals. I would highly recommend this program to anyone! Joe is the best! 

— Christina Jones,
Colorado Springs, CO.


I GUARANTEE you will have a tighter, leaner stomach in only 21-Days or you’re entitled to a 100% Money Back Guarantee! 

Here's what is included in the 21-Day "Flat Belly” Formula:

  • Before and After Fitness Assessments and comprehensive body composition goal report ($99 value)

  • 3 group personal training sessions per week ($199 value)

  • 21-Day "Flat Belly" Meal Plan ($99 value)

  • "Flat Belly" grocery list ($29 value)

  • Unlimited coaching support (priceless)

  • My 100% Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee – if you’re not completely satisfied with the results of my 21-Day "Flat Belly" Formula program and nutrition system after 21 days then I’ll give you all of your money back!

 That's a value of over $400 for ONLY $129! - Limited Time Offer! Call Joe @ 719-229-2639 to secure your spot.

My 21-Day "Rapid Fat-Loss" Boot Camp starts October 1st!
Due to the demand of this amazing program, only the first 10 ladies who register will be accepted into this life-changing program. 

Check out our 5 Star REviews on google!

Check out our 5 Star REviews on google!

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