Women's Boot Camp is our signature group personal training class. It includes upper and lower body toning, cardio and agility drills to burn body fat and core and ab conditioning to flatten your waistline and firm your stomach. You'll tone every inch as you tighten, and firm your body. 


Women's UFK is a powerful fusion of our award winning boot camp combined with hard-hitting heavy bag drills and kickboxing combinations. Experience energetic and empowering routines that will unleash energy, stamina and strengthen and sculpt your body. 




21-Day "Rapid Fat-Loss" Formula

21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program Colorado Springs

Tone every inch, flatten, firm and define your core in just 3 weeks!

Starts October 1st!

  • 3 group personal training sessions per week

  • "Flat-Belly" Meal Plan and Nutrition Guide included

  • $400 value for only $129 - Limited Time Offer. Expires 9/30/2019

6-Week Slimdown

6 Week Slimdown Colorado Springs

Get sculpted and toned in just 6 weeks!

Starts October 1st!

  • 3 group personal training sessions per week

  • "Rapid Fat-Loss" Nutrition Guide and Meal Plan included

  • "Before and After" Assessments

  • $575 value for only $259 - Limited Availability. Pre-register today while openings last!

90-Day Challenge

90 Day Challenge Colorado Springs


Transform your Body Today!

Gain confidence and control of your body and your health. Discover the best workouts and nutrition for your body type. 

  • Unlimited group training sessions per week

  • Body Transformation Quick-Start Guide

  • "Transformation Nutrition Guide" and Meal Plan

  • Delicious Recipes

  • "Before and After" assessments

  • $899 value for $599

30-minute and 60-minute one-on-one training are available. Sessions range $39-$89 session. 

Please call 719-229-2639 for private training rates and availability.



"Ramirez leads a serious (yet fun) boot camp for women and does plenty of personal training. His fans told us: "The results are phenomenal." I am now in the best shape of my life and cannot wait until swimsuit season. Did I mention that I'm over 40?" — Gazette Best of the Springs Guide 2010


Clients are passionate about the workouts Ramirez gives them: "Joe is a great motivator! He always manages to get 110% out of me no matter how I'm feeling. He knows what he is doing, and cares about his clients. With his guidance, I lost 9 pounds of fat in five weeks, and I'm 42 years old"... — Gazette Best of the Springs Guide 2011

"Don't Stop, never give up. If you're looking for results, there's no need to look further. Voters said Ramirez is dedicated and will motivate you with fun challenges until you reach your goals." — Gazette Best of the Springs Guide 2013

"Folks turn to Joe Ramirez when they need a fitness push, and he had plenty of ways to give you one, kettlebells, in-home training, kickboxing, boot camp, boxing. "He succeeds at helping you achieve your fitness goals." said a voter. Joe has helped me lose 15 pounds in one month, and he is the most supportive and butt-kicking trainer out there." said another voter. Yet another wrote: "I am very shy and he has helped me come out of my shell. I have been seeing him for two weeks and I already see a difference." — Gazette Best of the Springs Guide 2014

"Voters raved about this trainer, calling him encouraging, supportive, challenging and safe. He leads an outdoor women's bootcamp that the ladies praised, but he also does extreme combat fitness, teen boxing and fitness and online coaching. "I no longer need Lipotor thanks to Joe's dietary suggestions, encouragement and never-boring workouts." one voter said." — Gazette Best of the Springs Guide 2015

"Joe Ramirez has been Best of the Springs top trainer since 2010. Voters give high praise to his Boot Camp, personalized home visits, motivation and leadership skills. They said he helps clients achieve "amazing results." —Gazette Best of the Springs Guide 2016

"Ramirez is widely praised by his clients. Voters said: "His focus on results is fantastic". and "His attention to detail in your form pushes you into a whole new realm in your workouts." —Gazette Best of the Springs Guide 2017

"A Best of winner year after year, Ramirez is known for his boot camps and classes. Voters said, "Joe is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. His is very skilled at customizing a workout," "Knows what he is doing, very committed to making to making the program work for me, at my level. "Great personal trainer, you should use him."  — Best of the Springs Guide 2018


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