• Feeling tired and lethargic...ALL THE TIME, and not having enough energy to spend time with your family?

  • Having a closet full of your favorite clothes that no longer fit and struggling to find something that fits right?

  • Lacking confidence and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin?

  • Fad diets and boring exercise programs that don't deliver results?

  • Wearing big clothes to hide the stubborn belly fat around your midsection?

Listen, I understand more than you know about how it feels to be uncomfortable in your own skin and the frustration you feel from being unhealthy and out of shape.

If you're ready to get in shape to look and feel better than ever, this may be the most important website you'll ever visit.

Why My Award Winning Boot Camp Will Work For You

The first thing I will do for you is personally help create a strategic plan for your body type for permanent fat loss results so you can transform your body...once and for all.

The SECRET to my proven fitness formula is simple. I combine the science of muscle confusion with ever-changing, high-intensity interval training and the BEST toning, firming and core routines to provide you with fun, results-driven workouts that will give you unsurpassable results.

By constantly introducing new variety into your workouts, your body will be forced to respond. Your body never plateaus and you never get bored.

You will stay motivated to achieve your health and fitness goals.

In fact, it's very unlikely you'll do the exact same workout twice in a 90 day period. You'll see and feel results fast!

And NOTHING motivates you faster than results you can see and feel!

You'll accelerate your fat loss and burn 5X more body fat compared to most other fitness programs.

In fact, no other fitness boot camp in Colorado Springs has more, amazing jaw-dropping body transformations and success stories and has helped more women transform their bodies and their lives!

Imagine how you'll feel when you wake up every morning excited about how you look and feel!

Imagine feeling full of energy, constantly amazing your friends and family with your new toned body.

Let's face it...

There are TONS of useless weight loss, diets and fitness programs out there and you may have wasted your hard earned money on them.

Maybe you've joined a gym or fitness center and never went because you couldn't find the motivation to go workout or got the results you deserved.

If you're serious about getting in shape and leaving your old body behind, my team and I are ready to help you get your body back! 

Over the past 23 years as a body transformation coach, I've discovered the perfect formula to help repair your damaged metabolism so you can finally lose weight, inches and tone your body. I've helped thousand of women just like you achieve amazing, life-changing results.

After all,  I've been voted Colorado Springs Best Personal Trainer 7X by the readers of the Gazette for a reason...

My fitness formula works, and I know that once we get you started, you'll be thrilled with the results my program will give you!

In fact..

I've gotten really good at getting fast and lasting results.

This is why I'm the trusted authority in fitness and have been sought out by reporters and fitness news experts from KOAA, Fox31, The Gazette, Chicago Tribune, The Free Lance Star and more.



I know the critical weight loss mistakes to avoid and the proven methods for losing weight and keeping it off for good.

I know what it takes to help you transform your body, in the shortest time possible

I can help you regardless of your age and fitness level and will help you change your body shape regardless if you've tried everything else before and failed

I can help you, even if you struggle with high-blood pressure, diabetes or struggle from having a slow metabolism from hypothyroidism. 

Allow me to share this story with you about one of my clients.

Bree is a 32 year old mother of two young children, ages one and three. Every busy mom understands how a juggling a demanding work schedule and family can keep you so busy, it's hard to make yourself a priority and finding time for exercise and getting healthy can almost seem impossible. 

She had heard about my award winning boot camp from a friend, but was skeptical and she thought the results were 'too good to be true' so she shrugged it off because she wasn't sure if she could or wanted to commit to another fitness class.

Then, one day, she decided to tag along with her friend to see what she had been missing.

You can hear her story below.


I have dozens upon dozens of similar stories from women who've transformed their lives through my programs.  I know for a fact that my program will work for you too!

I’ve spent years deciphering what works and what doesn’t for getting in shape, losing weight and permanent fat-loss. There were times when I felt like a mad scientist and a lab rat at the same time - trying to figure out the best methods for losing fat and getting in shape.

What I discovered was a tested and proven equation for losing body fat, cellulite and toning up fast, especially in the hips, stomach and waistline without boring crunches or sit-ups (which can be hard on your back) and endless hours of boring cardio.

What you’re about to discover, just like the thousands of women that I have personally coached, is that my exclusive women only boot camp is among the best.

With my proven boot camp formula, You Will:

  • Get Toned. You will get lean, firm and tone up your entire body including your "problem areas".

  •  Fire up your metabolism and lose stubborn body fat and get rid of cellulite once and for all.  

  • Look and feel better than you have in years. You’ll have more energy, more confidence, decrease stress and feel better about how you look. You’ll get a tighter, firmer core so you can fit into your favorite “skinny” clothes again.

I'm so confident my award winning boot camp fitness formula will work for you, that I'm proving a 100% money back guarantee. I personally guarantee if you don't see results from my boot camp program, I will refund every penny of your investment. That's right - if my program isn't life-changing and doesn't deliver everything I say and more, I will refund the entire cost of your program. You have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime back under my 100% money back guarantee!

My women only boot camp program is exclusive. It is not a franchise or licensed program and you will not find it available anywhere else in Colorado Springs.

It is also limited to provide you with the personal attention you need to get the results you deserve. I will customize the intensity of your workout to your fitness level to provide you with an unparalleled fitness experience with unsurpassable results.

You will be challenged in a semi-private, positive and supportive environment. There is no judgment. Only an environment where you can compete against yourself and defy your limitations.

The workouts will be challenging, fun, even hard at times - but never impossible...and you’ll always have the professional guidance, motivation and accountability from me and my team and the support from the rest of the women in the group.

Results will happen fast.

In order to make this happen, there are only a certain number of women that I will allow in my program. To continue to provide you with life-changing, jaw-dropping results - which is my trademark, there are only so many clients my team and I can take on in each class. 

And, I don't take on just anyone as a client. 

Let me explain...

I only work with those who are serious about their fitness goals and are tired of not getting results and tired of the same, boring fitness program and are ready to look and feel AMAZING.

So, I must be selective and cannot accept every single personal who applies. 

In fact, even some who are referred by an existing client may be turned down due to the demand and limited nature of my exclusive, award winning boot camp. 

Demand is at an all time high because my team and I get CRAZY RESULTS

My Next Boot Camp Starts Monday! Don't wait to register for my next boot camp, spots fill up very fast.

I can help you get in shape, get fit, toned, get control back and help you break past the barriers that have held you back in the past.

But, I think it's only fair to tell you - if you're not currently a client, I would get 'locked in' NOW, because the demand for my exclusive boot camp program is at an all time high. I must be selective on who I accept in my program in order to provide unparalleled service and support.

It's simply a case of supply and demand. 

P.S. Remember, each boot camp class is limited to the first 16 participants. 

If you're serious about getting in the best shape of your life and are finally ready to transform your body, here's exactly what you need to do:

Complete the form below or call me @ 719-229-2639 to schedule your fitness consultation and risk-free trial. We'll spend a few minutes together to answer your questions about my program and find the best program option to help you achieve your goals.

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